Como: It’s more than a lake.

The city of Como offers a waterfront escape from the summer heat of Milan. Only an hour away by train, the charming city center is surrounded by medieval walls. It’s main attraction, the famous Lago di Como, is easily accessible via a promenade that engulfs a good majority of the lake. (Note: the lake is massive and touches several towns, not just Como).

Centro Storico

Alessandro and I started our day by exploring the historic city center. The well-maintained brick buildings, elegant piazzas, beautiful churches, and quaint shops were all lovely. One side street was more enchanting than the next. Admittedly, I hadn’t expected the city center itself to be anything special.

Lago di Como

Next we headed towards the lake to walk its perimeter and soak up the sun. Along the lake were several stunning villas, and of course, breathtaking views.

We migrated away from the city center for lunch in an unassuming osteria with a fish focus (more about that here). After lunch, we took a ferry ride around the lake to various small towns. Perhaps the most notable is Cernobbio, where an annual international conference on economics is held.

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