On Tuesdays We Go To Tivoli

I had the pleasure of taking a day trip to the spectacular commune of Tivoli, located about 19 miles (30km) north-east of Rome. This town isn’t “famous” for much besides it’s three enchanting villas, but their grandeur provides Tivoli with the only areas of attraction that the town needs. I only had the opportunity to visit one of these, Villa D’Este, but it provided enough splendor to last a lifetime.

Built in the 16th century, Villa D’Este is noted for its gardens, fountains, and grottoes. But don’t worry, the interior of the villa is just as impressive as it’s grandiose exterior. As mentioned, Villa D’Este is joined by two other villas in Tivoli, namely the ancient Roman Villa Adriana and Villa Gregoriana, which owes its name to Pope Gregory XVI.

As I am not a history buff, I would invite you use The Big G (you know, Google) if you are curious to learn more about Tivoli and its villas. For now, allow yourself a few minutes to mentally escape to one of Italy/Europe/the world’s most beautiful gems. Enjoy!

Villa D’Este

Click here for ticket information. 

Town of Tivoli

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