The New Bucket

Once upon a time, when I was browsing for things I can’t afford on Net-A-Porter, I stumbled upon the Tom Ford “Miranda” bag (see below). Bucket bags aren’t anything new, nor are they going out of style any time soon. I can tell you this first-hand as I see them constantly on the streets of a fashion capital.

This sort of “bucket-within-a-bucket” features a soft drawstring compartment lined inside of a harder exterior material. Styled in the same way as the classic version, this new version of the bucket bags is already making strides in the fashion community. If giants like Mango are making it available to the masses, then you know it’s a thing.


Get It

Tom Ford "Miranda" bag
Tom Ford “Miranda”
3.1 Phillip Lim “Hana”
Camelia – Roma

Style It

Image courtesy of Mango
The New Bucket
Images courtesy of Net-A-Porter


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