Restaurant Review: Fourghetti

Being a fangirl of Master Chef: Italia, Alessandro suggested we try Chef Bruno Barbieri’s restaurant while in Bologna (Barbieri is one of four judges on the show). In a very unassuming building in Bologna’s periphery stands Fourghetti, Barbieri’s only up-and-running restaurant.

Overall, our experience at Fourghetti was very positive. Everything we ate was fresh, creative, and delicious. The restaurant’s posh decor and pleasant service only enhanced our dining experience. One thing I really enjoyed were the two sfizi, or small plates, served between the first and second courses.

Il Cibo

Sfizo 1: I loved this one. The pungent sauce perfectly complemented the salty cod. Mint and arugula was an unexpected but outstanding combination.

fried cod fish in arugula and mint sauce

Antipasto: I feel that the concept was better than the execution with this one. The mouse could’ve had more flavor and the brioche were not memorable. Nevertheless, it was still an above-average dish.

cream caramel of goose liver in port wine sauce with brioche topped with beaten shrimp (whatever that means)

Sfizo 2: I liked this sfizo even more than the first. The crema di zucca was refreshing and indulgent. The pistachios were a perfect accompaniment.

cream of pumpkin with pistachios and (questionably) balsamic vinegar

Primo Piatto: Probably the best thing I ate at Fourghetti. The tortellini were made with love (believe me, you could taste it). The cheese filling was extremely flavorful but not overpowering. And the sauce…madonna mia! It was perfection; the optimum combination of salty, smokey, nutty, and sweet. I wouldn’t have changed a thing about this dish.

tortellini in parmesan and nutmeg fondue

Secondo Piatto: I was obsessed with this sauce, but not so much with the meat. Guinea fowl is in the poultry family and tastes similar to turkey. While it was cooked perfectly, the flavor was not as bold as I would have liked it to be. The compote, on the other hand, was amazing. It definitely achieved the much-sought-after salty/sweet combo.

roulade of guinea fowl with mushroom, eggplant, and mustard compote

*not pictured: Sangiovese (red wine), which was excellent.

Overall Impressions:

  • expect to pay a lot for small portions
  • choose wisely! some menu items are definitely better than others
  • quality is extremely high and (most) flavors are exceptional

The Verdict:




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