Italia Beer Festival

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the Italia Beer Festival hosted at an event space in Milan. The festival featured dozens of beers made exclusively by Italian breweries. I never knew that Italy had such an involvement in beer production. After all, beer isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about Italian gastronomy. From ales, to IPAs, to stouts, any type of beer one could want to sample was available to try.

I probably had 6 or 7 different beers. One that stood out to me was the “Blood IPA”, a red IPA produced by the Highlander Pub in the city of Parma. Super malty and a little bit spicy, this brew had all kinds of depth of flavor. Another one of my favorites was the “Dag & Down”, an IPA made with Bergamot orange. This one was a little more refined in flavor, but definitely had notes of the orange. It was made by Birreria Il Porco, a pub located in the suburbs of Milan. My friend Gabrielle and I were also given this beer for free, so it automatically tasted better. For a complete list of the beers showcased at the festival, click here.

The festival also had food and live music. One could munch on fried olives, polenta alla spuma, nachos, flatbread sandwiches, and pizza (because, Italy). The night we attended, an all-female rock band performed, followed by an all-male group. I have to say the girls were far more entertaining.

Overall, this was a fun event full of one of my favorite things: carbs.


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