Restaurant Review: Inkanto

As much as I love Italian food, sometimes you get sick of your favorite thing. Lately I’d been craving Peruvian cuisine, and after finding a great deal on the The Fork, I finally had an excuse to eat it.

Inkanto is located in the heart of Milan’s Navigli neighborhood, an area that’s very popular with tourists. I usually avoid eating here because the food is “something to munch on” rather than top-quality eats. Nevertheless, I had some faith in Inkanto since it was of foreign cuisine.


What’s Peruvian without ceviche? We opted for the “ceviche for two” which consisted of several raw fishes. Two were covered in yellow and red pepper sauces, one was al naturale, and another in cake form layered between mashed sweet potato.

This ceviche plate was just OK. The fish was not entirely fresh, and everything was drenched in so much lime juice that the taste of the fish was completely masked. At a Peruvian restaurant, I expected much more from one of Peru’s most famous dishes.


Main Courses

Alessandro ordered lomo saltado for his main dish, which essentially stir-fried steak and peppers served with fries and white rice. I tried a bite and thought it was average at best. The soy sauce on the meat was all too familiar and the steak itself was on the tough side.


I was much more satisfied with my choice, pescado a lo macho. The dish consisted of shellfish and fish fried fish fillet in a creamy red pepper sauce, served with white rice. The sauce was rich but not too heavy, and had just enough flavor to keep things interesting without distracting from the fish. This was the type of taste I was looking for when I began craving Peruvian: fresh, sweet, and unique.

Overall Impressions:

  • Over-priced food for the quality offered
  • Flavors are nothing to write home about
  • Some good menu options, but most are lacking

The Verdict:


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