Restaurant Review: Twenty Seven

When in Miami, one simply has to eat Latin food. I asked my host Gabrielle if she was interested in doing just that for our last night together in the city. Upon hearing my suggestion, she instantly whipped out her phone and showed me a menu from a local spot that people in her circle had been raving about.

I’d consider Twenty Seven to be more along the lines of New American with Latin flare. Located in Mid-Beach, Twenty Seven is an extension of the Freehand hotel/hostel. Upstairs from the restaurant is renowned cocktail bar, the Broken Shaker. The eatery’s hipster vibe is designed to make you feel like you’re dining inside your grandma’s house. The pool area that you walk through to get to the restaurant sets the tone for an evening of relaxation and good vibes (see photo above).


For our first course, we ordered a special of sweet potato latkes with crema and caviar. I was disappointed when the latkes arrived and I tasted one only to find out that it was made of white potatoes, not sweet potatoes. They weren’t bad, per say, but not was I was expecting. Not to mention, this was our waitress’s second error of the evening; the first being when she told Gabrielle (a modest wine aficionado) that the Chilean wine she ordered was a blend when it was in fact a single varietal.

Our waitress was obviously busy and stressed out, so I didn’t call her out for making a harmless mistake. Nevertheless, I was less than satisfied with the latkes, as I was expecting their primary ingredient to be something entirely different than what it was.

Main Course

Any disappointment that I suffered from the appetizer was made up for in the second course: the arepa platter. Arepas are a corn-based bread patty (for lack of a better explanation) served varying other accompaniments. This platter included shredded pork, cheese, avocado, and 3 salsas.

These things were to die for. The dough of the bread was baked perfectly and had the slightest bit of sweetness and chew to it. The pork practically melted in your mouth and was seasoned well without being overpowering. The creamy, mild cheese and cool avocado were ideal toppings over the pork. The platter also included several salsas, some more spicy than others, which complemented the meat and bread very well.

Overall Impressions:

  • Diverse menu with fresh, flavorful food
  • Fairly priced for the food quality
  • Cool vibes and crowd
  • Service disorganized, but pleasant

 The Verdict:


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