Fur 4 Ways

Nothing looks quite as badass as a fur. While I’m hardly an animal rights activist, I firmly believe that faux can be just as fierce as the real thing. The whole idea of wearing a skinned animal pelt for upwards of $5,000 also seems a bit too “80’s mobster wife” for my taste. But I digress…

So how does one make fur look this-century and effortless? Never fear, your options are plentiful. Below are some styling ideas for your new wardrobe staple that you’ll want to wear well into March.


If you’re not ready to commit to a fully-furred ensemble, try a sleeveless options.Fur vests serve you as outerwear on abnormally warm winter nights or as trendy top-halfs for day and evening outfits.

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A great alternative to a full-length coat, a cropped fur jacket (or bolero) makes a great topper for chilly evenings out. This look screams high-class and high-fashion.

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Blurring the lines between practical and showstopping, a short fur jacket instantly elevates your outerwear game. This surprisingly transitional piece is probably the “easiest” to wear out of the four options. Go bold with shaggy texture and jewel tones.

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Alas, the holy grail of all things fur; that being, the coat. Whether knee-length or floor-grazing, a full-on fur just feels so boss. Why bundle up in a down puffer when you can significantly up your look with something much more elegant?

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