Mulling Over Mulberry

While I was passing time like I often do (you know, browsing luxury goods online), I found myself on Mulberry‘s website, where I was blown away by what I encountered. I had only ever thought of the iconic British label as one thing: frumpy. However, their recent collections are anything but.

Let’s start with my personal favorite: the bags. Many know Mulberry for its signature Bayswater tote, pictured below. While a practical and timeless, this purse is a far cry from fashion-forward. I can understand the appeal that would lead one to buy it, but it’s no statement piece.


Now let’s take a look at some of the more intriguing pieces the label is using to reinvent itself with: namely, the Chester, Hopton, and Selwood. Upon first glance, one brand comes to mind immediately: Céline. These updated designs rival the craftsmanship of the French powerhouse, featuring sleek lines and bold colors that are anything but boring.


Getting excited after seeing these beauties, I had to know what else the label had in store for this season. It’s website describes the Summer ’17 collection, as a “new take on Britishness”, a phrase that embodies the spirit of these clothes perfectly. They’re certainly smart, but youthful and whimsical at the same time. Check out some of my favorites below.

The ready-to-wear is equally fabulous and stark deviation from frumpy. Moral of the story is, the right market research and creative team can take any brand from not to haute.

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