News Flash: Square Toe Shoes Are a Thing Again

Once upon a time in Milan, an acquaintance who’s well connected in the fashion world let me in on a secret. She showed me a picture that her friend who works for Sergio Rossi had sent her. It was of a pile of square-toed shoes from the brand’s upcoming collection.

She said with a grin something to the effect of “Can you believe these are coming back?” We chuckled at first, then agreed we would probably be wearing them within the next year.

This was in the Fall of 2016; Fast forward to Spring 2017 and the trend is plastered across dozens of  luxury label’s catwalks, industry blogs, and fast-fashion websites. Author and blogger Leandra Medine (@manrepeller) is at the forefront of this movement, serving as a brand ambassador for Sergio Rossi’s #srStories campaign, which is sharing the stories of successful women in the industry who are “empowered” in their sr1 sabot sandals.

Still don’t believe me that this phenomenon is real? Rest assured, I’ve scoured the internet to find pics of some of the freshest styles out there right now, for any budget. First, let’s swoon over the brand that’s blazing perpendicular trails.

Sergio Rossi

Runway: AW ’17

All images courtesy of Man Repeller.


All available at Neiman Marcus.



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